2024 International Conference on Optoelectronic Information and Optical Engineering (OIOE 2024)
Call For Papers


The topics of interest for submission include, but are not limited to:

Photoelectric information

Optoelectronics   and Technology

Photoelectric Information   Engineering

Photoelectric Signal   Acquisition

Optical Communication

Photoelectric Information   Processing

Optical Fiber Communication   And Systems

Optical Storage   and Optical Display

Photoelectric Measurement   and Control and Photoelectric Sensing

Photoelectric Detection   Technology and Device

Photoelectric Information   Application

Photoelectric Imaging   Technique

Photoelectric Detection   Technology

Photoelectric Instrument   Design

Photoelectric Device

Optical Communication   and Information Systems

Optical Communication   Device and System Technology


Special fiber

Fiber laser

Optical fiber sensing technology and application

Laser spectrum

Optical sensing and optical communication

Optical fiber magnetic field sensing technology

Laser self-mixing interference technique

Optical Engineering

Information Optics

Physical Optics

Applied Optics


Optical Instruments and Technology

Microstructure Optics

Photovoltaic Technology

Integrated Optics

Optical Information Processing

Advanced Sensor Technology

Modern Optical Technology

New optical fiber sensor

Micro nano optics

Random laser

Liquid crystal excited optical fiber material

Quantum optics

Integrated optoelectronics and sensing

Optical measurement technology and its application

Nonlinear optics

Optical quantum physics and applications

Light energy conversion materials

Optical detection

Optical storage and recording

Thin film and integrated optics

Optical remote sensing technology

Integrated optical engineering technology